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    Ms. Vernikov put together a prenuptial agreement with my fiance & I. She is very patient, responsive, intelligent, friendly and thorough. I would highly recommend her. It’s also very important to support entrepreneurs that care about their clients. Ms. Vernikov could have worked at a huge firm, had her character corrupted, and become obsessed with billing every second of her time. Instead, she has maintained her integrity and I’m confident will develop into one of NYC’s top attorneys. [/vc_column_text]

    David J.
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    I religiously read reviews before committing to anything but rarely write them. In this case I feel obligated to write one- to thank Inna for making my life so much easier and to do a favor to others who may be in desperate need of a great attorney. Inna resolved a residential legal nightmare within a few weeks. She is a third lawyer I consulted regarding the issue and the only one who got the job done, unlike the other two that kept it in the air for months. From the beginning, she made my case a priority, stayed on top of the developments and made sure that my interests are well represented. I got what I wanted within a month of hiring Inna. She is amazing! I am so glad that now I have a great lawyer. [/vc_column_text]

    Vera T.
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    I met Inna after researching her accomplishments as a nominee for Jewish Week’s “36 Under 36” issue, dedicated to honoring 36 young members of New York’s Jewish community who have demonstrated unique leadership. I was delighted to recommend her, and even more delighted to have done so after my superiors selected her for the honor. Inna is witty, ambitious, and hardworking. Perhaps most unique, she is courageous and principled as an activist and attorney. Not everyone volunteers their time, raises awareness about disrespectful media depictions of others, and takes risks for the sake of principle. She is quite exceptional! [/vc_column_text]

    Heather Robinson
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    My family and I used Attorney Inna Vernikov for a Medicaid case that could’ve escalated in many different ways. Not only did Inna resolve the situation, she completely had it dismissed in less than 3 weeks. She handled the case very professionally and made us feel very confident which was a huge plus! We are very grateful with how things turned out, thanks to her and we would 100% recommend her !! [/vc_column_text]

    Sara K.


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