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Criminal Defense

The law provides legal protection to individuals who have been accused of committing a crime. Our justice system is designed as such, that fair treatment of criminal defendants often depends as much upon the knowledge and skill of their attorney, as it does on the substantive legal protections. Defense attorneys know how to use the law to the best interests of their clients and it is vital to have a competent and experienced attorney to represent you in these life changing proceedings. Contact Law Offices Of Inna Vernikov, PLLC for effective and competent legal representation.

Medicaid Fraud

Medicaid Fraud occurs when a Medicaid provider makes a knowing misrepresentation in order to obtain funds from the Medicaid program. Medicaid provider fraud includes, but is not limited to: billing for services which were never provided, providing services that were medically unnecessary, billing for services provided by unlicensed individuals, filing a claim for fake services and nonexistent medical conditions, and unlawful fee sharing. Medicaid providers include doctors, nursing homes, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, counselors, and any other company paid by the Medicaid program. Medicaid recipient fraud occurs when recipients of Medicaid are engaged in the following activities: loaning their Medicaid card to other individuals for use, using more than one Medicaid card, receiving an income above legal limits, providing Medicaid with false information on the Medicaid application, re-selling products obtained through Medicaid, altering a prescription order, and other activities.

If you have been suspected of Medicaid fraud, you might have received a letter from a Medicaid investigator, which could come from several government agencies such as NYC Human Resources Administration, Office of Medicaid Provider Fraud, New York State Attorney General’s Office, or others. If you are the recipient of a target letter from a Medicaid investigator for potential fraud, you have come on to an investigator’s radar for some reason. By the time this letter is received by you, the investigator has likely gathered evidence against you. Do not attempt to settle the Investigation on your own and do not attend the interview without an attorney, as you may self-incriminate yourself. If you receive a letter from a Medicaid investigator, it is critical to consult a criminal defense attorney to help you understand and protect your rights.


One may be charged with assault when he purposefully or negligently causes bodily injury to another person. Generally, assault is treated as a misdemeanor, unless serious injury or other aggravating circumstances are involved. If you have been charged with assault, it is critical to consult a criminal defense attorney to help you understand and protect your rights.

Gun Possession

Criminal possession of a weapon is a charge that applies when you are not legally licensed to carry a weapon or if that weapon is unlawful itself. Illegal possession of a firearm may result in jail time as well severe penalties. If you have been charged with illegal gun possession, it is critical to consult a criminal defense attorney to help you understand and protect your rights.


Robbery is a crime which involves the theft of another person’s property by using physical force.  When the robbery occurs with the use of a weapon, it is defined as aggravated robbery. Both robbery and aggravated robbery are serious offenses and may result in grave penalties and/or jail time. If you have been charged with robbery, it is critical to consult a criminal defense attorney to help you understand and protect your rights.


Burglary is defined as entering a house or a building with the intent to commit a crime therein. To be guilty of the crime of burglary, the person did not actually have to commit a crime inside the building. It is sufficient that the person entered the building with the intention of committing the crime. Burglary of someone’s home is treated as a serious felony, and is one of the most common serious felonies prosecuted in New York criminal courts. Burglary is considered a violent felony even if during the time of the crime the accused was unarmed, and even if no one was present at the home. If you have been charged with burglary, it is critical to consult a criminal defense attorney to understand and protect your rights.

Drug Offenses

If you have been charged with illegal possession/sale/use of narcotics or any other drug offense, it is imperative for you to seek legal counsel in order to protect your rights. Illegal use, sale, or possession of drugs may result in harsh penalties and/or jail time, and many narcotic-related offenses are considered to be felonies. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]